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Can you provide a loving home?

Here is a selection of our animals that require loving, safe homes. Prior to being adopted, all animals are micro-chipped, neutered, wormed and each will have received a flea treatment. We charge £70 for adopting a cat over 6 months old, £80 for a kitten, £140 for a dog over 6 months and £160 for a puppy. This helps towards the cost of any veterinary treatment, boarding and of course the microchipping, neutering, worming and flea treatment.

Cats in need of rehoming (15)

  • Flo and Rosie

    Flo and Rosie

    Flo and Rosie are best mates and want to be rehomed together. Flo is a 6 year old torty female who has to be an indoor cat as she has fits and she is on medication to control them. Rosie is a 10 month-old ginger long haired female who is very sweet and friendly when she gets to know you. They are OK with other cats but cannot go to a home with children or dogs.
  • Precious


    Precious is a 3 year old tabby female who is a little shy to start with but once she knows you she is very friendly. She doesn't like being picked up so would not really be suitable for a home with children but she is fine with other cats.
  • Monty and Freddie

    Monty and Freddie

    Monty and Freddie are a pair of 5 year old males, both of whom are a bit shy at first but are very friendly after a while. They are OK with other cats and children over 10 years but we are not sure about dogs.
  • Misty and Robin

    Misty and Robin

    Misty and Robin are brother and sister, around 4 years old and both are a little shy but friendly. They are OK with other cats and children over 10 years but we are not sure about dogs.
  • Harry


    Harry is a tabby and white old boy. We’re not sure of his age but he’s definitely over 10 years. He’s really sweet and deserves to have a ‘forever’ home where he can get a lot of attention. His new home will need to be fairly quiet home and would therefore not suit a home with children. We’re not sure how he is with other animals.
  • Hazy


    Hazy is a 2 year old black semi long coat cat and originally one of our kittens. He was homed with his brother but he no longer gets on with him and that’s why he’s looking for a new home. He really needs to be the only pet and is good with people, loves attention and likes the outdoors. He should be OK with children over 5 yrs.
  • Oscar


    Oscar is an 8 month old white male. He’s really affectionate, friendly and playful and unlike some white cats, he’s not deaf. Oscar will need to be an indoor cat as he is over-friendly and would follow the first person he sees. He can be homed in a household with other animals and will be OK living with children over 5 years old.
  • Lily


    Lily is a very sweet and friendly 10 week old tortoiseshell kitten. As she is young, she will need to be adopted into a home where someone is home during part of the day. Lily seems to like being in the company of other animals and would be OK living in a household with children over the age of 7.
  • Kittens


    We have several kittens/young cats waiting for a forever home. They vary in age and colour, and the youngest is approx 8 weeks old.

Dogs in need of rehoming (1)

  • Pebbles


    Pebbles is a 10 year old female Jack Russell who is really sweet and friendly. She’s looking for a home with older people as we feel she needs a quiet life. Unfortunately her photo doesn't do her justice but she is a lovely, pretty girl!

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If you wish to provide a loving home for any of our animals, please call Mandy on 01256 353209 or leave a message:

Note - Mandy does not work on Tuesday, Thursday or Sunday. All messages that are left will receive a response within a week.

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